D&D Lady Aurora Spiritriver Backstory #1

Aurora could barely go to sleep that night.

She stayed up looking at the window and sighed, wishing that she could be outside instead of this awful place she called home. Of course, that couldn’t happen.

She remembered the countless scoldings and belittlings from her parents. They even trapped her in her home, unable to learn or go to school.

Aurora would be no more than a simpleton.

She always wondered why that is, to be trapped in her own home, with no hope for escape, or to learn.

She recollected the time when she went to the library and got caught trying to steal a book, one which eventually she would learn how to read. Her dad beat her up and she came out of the situation with a black eye.

She pressed her hand against the cool glass of the window. A fountain and a hedge lay beyond as well as soft moonlight.

She knew what to do. She had to escape, to be outside. Her body ached for freedom.

The only problem that she had to face was the maids.

The manor was filled with deafening silence, even with her heightened elf senses, she couldn’t detect the slightest sound, except for the chirps outside.

There were no signs of maids or servants.

She threw the sheets off of her body, knocking into her nightstand which a candle knocked itself down to the floor. Fire began to spread onto her sheets, which were now on her floor.

Aurora kept back a yelp and ran to her vanity and threw a glass of water on the fire, snuffing it out, leaving smoke in its wake.

Everything smelled like burnt sheets and hair.

And she ran, now light on her feet, turning corridors, covered in various ancient artifacts and paintings, making her way outside.

The guards were next, perched near the massive obsidian swirling gates. She never figured there were guards but she knew, deep inside that she could take care of this herself.

So she can be free…

She spotted a pebble on the pavement leading out of the gates, picked it up and ducked behind a tree.

With a grunt she threw the pebble at the manor and a window shattered.

She heard a scream, and the guards ran. She walked around the massive tree, keeping herself out of sight and darted. She ran as fast as she could till she ran out of air. Until then she kept going even though her lungs were burning. Till her legs started to ache. Her heart was racing, and she found herself gasping.

It had been forever since she had a sip of fresh air. And now the smell of it was freeing now that she had made it past the gates.

She heard someone shouting from behind, the guards as they ran after her.

“Hey you. Come back here. “

But she sped up her pace, and the manor was lost behind the forest beyond as she made her way into the dark, forbidden place.


The chirps grew louder, as she went deeper, deeper, until she was encased in darkness. A few fireflies scatter in the distance.

She stopped to a slow pace, now walking. She still didn’t know where to go. She had lost the guards, she figured.

Owls hooted overhead and she dodged a snake as it lunged at her.

She picked up a stick and smacked the snake into the air and it hissed, vanishing into nothingness as well as the sound.

She sighed. This strange creature could have killed her.


She turned; her breath hitched. A light was in the distance. Could it be her father? No this voice was different. Was she going to go back? Was he going to bring her back?

She almost ran away when she tripped onto a branch and fell onto the ground. She began to cry both out of pain and out of misery. Mud collected on her white gown. There was no way she was going to go back home. If you could call it a home.

“W-who are you?” Her soft voice came out as a shaken chirp.

“Just a traveler,” the strange man said. “You look. Are you okay?”

She turned around; her eyes still wet from crying.

Now that he was near, she could see better.

The man had medium-length dark hair tied in a low ponytail and a plaid red tunic, brown leggings, black boots, and held a lantern in his hand.

She remained silent, still shocked. She had never seen another person in her life. What was he? Rashmann.

“I’m lost.” She said, about to cry again.

“It’s okay. Where are your parents?”

“My parents are dead. I have no home.” She lied.

The man looked taken aback. “You can stay with me. I will find someone to take care of you. Come on, let’s get you washed.”

“You are very nice. Can you be my daddy?” Aurora asked.

He scratched the back of his head, “No, unfortunately I can’t. I’m a hunter. And hunters hunt alone. But I can take care of you for a short time.”


Aurora sighed and obeyed his command.


Aurora relaxed in the tub, closing her eyes. The tub was so warm that she might as well fall asleep, but the comfort stopped as the water turned lukewarm.

She climbed out of the tub, grabbed a towel, ran to the coat rack, and threw on the hunter’s plaid spare tunic. It hung down from her shoulder, reaching to her knees covering her privates.

The material was fuzzy and comfortable against her skin. It was almost as if she wore a blanket.

She walked outside, the shirt fell down her shoulders, which she managed to grab in time before it fell down her thin body.

She caught the hunter asleep outside with a short bow in his arms. A gown was hanging from a piece of string connected to two wooden poles.


The hunter snored louder, still in slumber, and for a second he twitched in his sleep as if he were about to wake up.

Aurora stared at him for a second and walked towards him, grabbing on to his shoulder, trying to shake him awake, but he wouldn’t budge.

So she went inside, and grabbed a bucket and filled it with water from the tub and walked back outside. A few steps in, Aurora’s grip threatened to drop the bucket and her forearms began to ache from strain. She grunted along with the bucket as water slouched out of it and on to the ground. She made her way outside and, finally, walked over to where the hunter stirred in sleep and threw the water on him.

He gasped, forcing himself awake. “Huh!”

“Oh… it’s just you.”

Aurora stiffened with the bucket in her hands.

“How’s my shirt?” She asked. “Have you finished washing it?”

“Mostly, it just needs to dry. Listen you lied to me that you don’t have a home. You are from nobility. I thought you were homeless.”

“I ran away.”

“Ran away?” His face, which was once contorted in fury, turned softer.

“Why? You had plenty of food and lots and lots of money.”

“That is true.” Aurora said, “but mommy and daddy don’t love me. I’m looking for a daddy or a mommy to take care of me.”

He sighed, “Fine.”

“Can you teach me how to read? I don’t know how, and I want to learn sorcery.”

He smiled, “No I can’t. I barely know how to read myself, but I can most certainly find someone. All we have to prove is that you’re from nobility. And this gown will help with that.”

She would tell him about the Spiritriver family but kept her origins to herself. The Spiritriver house was a well-known scholarly family, and she didn’t want to ruin their reputation, even though they caused her great sadness.

Her heart felt empty for the fact that her parents never loved her and never would, and she knew they would be angry once they found out where she was.

“…I… have something to say.”

“What?” He asked.

“I have to hide. My house is nearby. My parents will find me.”

“You are from the Spiritriver house? Aren’t you?”


“I think it is your best interest that you scram. I can’t keep you hidden for long. But I can keep you till dawn.”


The next morning, they sat outside. The hunter, whom Aurora still hasn’t learned the name of, cooked a bowl of grits with dried elk and deer meat. And then poured her a bowl and the same with him.

“…If you are running away, do you at least know how to fight?”

Aurora shook her head. “I only know how to throw rocks.”

There were no forks or spoons, so she lifted the bowl to her mouth. The grits were mushy yet flowed like a liquid to her mouth. It tasted bland, watery, and the bit of meat that she ate tasted gamey.

He looked at her, eyebrows drawn. “You need to learn how to fight if you are to survive out in this world.” There was a tone of sadness to his voice.

“Yea.” She said, with a sigh.

“But I can give you something before you finish and leave.”

“What?” She asked.

“Your gown and a dagger. You are going to need it to survive. I don’t have to teach you how to use it. Just swing or stab your enemy.”

For a second, he seemed to tear up. “I would keep you if I could, but hunters hunt alone. And well, I lost my wife teaching her how to hunt.”

“How did you lose her?”

“A bear attacked her and went away with her corpse. What was left was a golden necklace and a puddle of blood. The necklace is the only valuable thing I have but I don’t want to sell it.”

“Where would I go?” Aurora asked, not knowing how to respond to his statement.

“There should be a town over there. Follow the path through the forest. There you will find a road going down the mountains, a town should be down there. It’s a long walk but follow the road.”

Aurora gathered her gown, put it on and returned the shirt back to its owner.

“Will they find me?” She asked as she brought the shirt outside, still keeping his words in mind.

“Not if you are stealthy enough.”

“What does stealthy mean?”

He sighed, “it means, they won’t know you exist. Just… Do what I say and be on your way. My name is Aaron by the way, just in case you want to remember me…””

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